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10 key lessons learned from Tony Robbins

What I learned from attending Tony Robbins’ Time to Rise Summit

Last week, between January 25 and 27, Tony Robbins had a free Time to Rise Summit to help and inspire others to level up their 2024.

There were 3 intense days packed with lots of energy, inspiration, and some valuable insights I still ponder on. 

I take a lot of notes when attending different events (whether on-site or online) and I strive to implement some of them in my daily routine.

Because here’s where the real challenge kicks in! 🙂 Doing the actual work.

I’ve put together a list of key takeaways and ideas from this event hoping they’ll inspire you to take action at work or doing more for your personal projects.

Day 1: Breakthrough in 2024

Tony talked about seasons and why they have a purpose. A season is a cycle, it’s temporary, and so are our situations, problems, and so on. No pandemic or economic situation lasts forever. No matter what season we’re in, there’s an opportunity to do better. 

Everyone can deal with a difficult today if they have a compelling tomorrow. 

If you want real progress in your life, you have to wake up and consciously decide what you want while ignoring the (external) “noise” (environments).  

You need to learn to master these 2 worlds that influence your results:

  • the external world, which you can control and influence and
  • the internal world, you can have control of how you think, feel, and, most importantly, what you do. 

Leadership doesn’t mean someone follows you. It means you live your life on your own terms.

3 mandates of leadership:

  1. See it as it is, not worse than it is.

Why do people see the worst in a situation? Because they fear not getting what they want and losing what they have. So they make it worse than it is because they don’t want to be disappointed, to fail, feel they’re not enough.

  1. See it better than it is. 

This helps to get a compelling future. 

  1. Make it the way you see it.

This requires strategy, not just positive thinking. 

The number one pattern that will impact your success is your level of energy.

When you’re low energy, what do you think about life? How do you feel about your relationships? Everything stresses you out. In this state of mind, our brains are not designed to make us happy. 

When you’re on high energy, you can do anything. 

The path of least resilience won’t make you happier, proud, or stronger. 

Higher self-esteem comes from doing difficult things where you push yourself and you know you earned it. But you won’t do that on low energy.

The level of energy you have influences how you see things. It changes everything. Stanford University did a study on Tony Robbins’ events (which are filled with lots of energy) and the participants experienced a +50% increase in positive emotions (life satisfaction, inner strength, or wellbeing).

A breakthrough is a moment in time when everything changes. When the impossible becomes possible and you act on it. 

The 3S to a breakthrough:

  1. State (you are in the right state. E.g. I am experiencing the life I am focusing on)
  2. Story (the “glue” that gets you stuck to pursue what you want to achieve)
  3. Strategy (the action you take to make it happen)


4 archetypes (ways) you can tap into:

  1. Warrior – the part of you that won’t stop, push harder, fight, and be relentless. It will find the way, the courage to do it, even if it’s scary. 
  2. Magician – here’s a different approach. It is the part of you where magic happens. The magician knows it’s all perception. 
  3. Lover – the part of you that loves the work, people, and life. It’s the joy. It’s the flow. 
  4. Sovereign (King or Queen) – the wise part saying not to live in fear. The part of you that’s connected to the Universe.

Key takeaways: 

Change is automatic, progress is not. 

Energy is everything.

Day 2: Expand your identity and relationships

Identity is the most powerful skill of a human being. The strongest force in the human personality is the need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves.

If you act on a new belief (a feeling of certainty about what something means), you start to sediment it.

When you believe something, you’ll find examples that reinforce that particular belief and make you stay in that one. 

Limiting beliefs hold you back from accomplishing something you want. 

The most common limiting beliefs that standalone can destroy your progress in a certain direction:

  • I am not enough
  • I am too old for this
  • I don’t have enough background
  • I don’t have the expertise or experience to do it
  • I am not smart enough
  • I am scared and so on! 

Tony highlighted the idea of shifting your identity to new behaviours because all lasting changes come from changing our identities. And relationships are impacted by your identity. And it’s not enough to do a good job. 

You need to expand your identity, not change it. Ask yourself: How do you do more for people? How can you add value? How are you when you are at your best? 

5 steps to create a unique identity:

  1. Understand the true power of identity
  2. Identify and articulate your competitive advantage
  3. Practice communicating consistently
  4. Live it!
  5. Market it! 

He also talked about the power of the SEW (Sensation, Emotion, What (I want)) technique powered by Dr. Julie Colwell when relating with others.  

To achieve more clarity and trigger growth, Tony mentioned these 3 questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What do you really want? (What’s the specific results you’re after?)
  • Why do you want it? (What is the purpose?)
  • Who do I need to become the person I want to attract? 

Key takeaways 

Vulnerability is power, not weakness.

No long-term behaviour changes without changing your limiting beliefs.

The quality of my life impacts the quality of my relationships.

Day 3: 7 Steps: Your path to an extraordinary life

Tony asked participants to write this down: Complexity is the enemy of execution. 

When you make things complex, you don’t follow through. You gotta keep it simple: the plan, the strategy, the tools. Everybody gets it. Everybody executes on it. 

He also mentioned the 7 steps of a hero’s journey during different challenges highlighting that the most inspiring stories are usually the ones going from slavery to freedom or those of massive change or transformation. 

  1. The ordinary world (where you are)
  2. The call for adventure (something happens that disrupts our day-to-day life)
  3. Refusal of the call 
  4. Meeting the mentor (or new people, new experiences you’re probably not prepared for) 
  5. Crossing the threshold (you’re at the point of no return)
  6. The ordeal (it’s the battle that transforms us. Our internal battle or with others)
  7. The return/elixir (the point where you fight the battles) 

Remember: The most successful stories have a hero component. 

7 steps to follow for your path

  1. Ask yourself: What do you really want? 

When you know that, start to work on a purpose to build a compelling future.

  1. Find and face the truth

That’s the moment where you get clarity and discover where you really are and where you want to be.

  1. Create a Massive Action Plan (M.A.P)

What are you actually doing right now to move the needle in the direction of what you really want? 

You need massive action!

  1. Do what’s difficult: “Slay your Dragons”

Take action so you can change what needs to be changed. 

  1. Develop a daily practice

Small actions always make the difference. What new habits will continue to move your forward? Focus on them and do it daily, with small steps. 

  1. Measure more often

To track your progress, you need to measure and review things. Do it more often!

  1. Celebrate (small/big wins), appreciate & give back

Learn from each stage and celebrate every win you achieved.

Here’s the visual diagram of these seven steps Tony talked about:

Remember: It is not a straight line from where you are and where you want to be or become. 

2 principles to focus on:

  • Take massive action and don’t wait to feel great to do it!
  • Never leave the site of a goal without action. Keep the momentum! It happens because you’re in the right state. 

Key takeaways 

You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Meaningful life means conscious choices.

You’ll have regrets if you don’t take action.

Progress makes you feel alive.

To sum it up, Tony remembers life is a journey. When things get hard, you have to put yourself in new states, learn new skills, get fresh and new perspectives.

Do bold moves and enjoy your path!


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